Wholesale Help & FAQ’s

We wanted to keep this as simple as possible, so item minimum order quantity amounts are setup when you login to the website.


Most shipment may go out sooner but please allow up to 1-3 weeks for your order to be ship.


We try are very best to have enough In-Stock, but sometimes it happens because of promotional deals that are going on. Here you can view our production time if your product category is Out of Stock / Backorder.

All orders will be shipped out as COMPLETE (no partial orders will be shipped out). So if you have mixed items in you cart, the best solution is to divide your cart into two orders, so then you will receive your In-Stock order first and you’re Out of Stock / Backorder at a later date. 

If you require delivery by a certain date please discuss this before placing your order by contacting us at click here.

The deadline for placing wholesale orders for relating to holidays is 30 days prior to the date of the holiday.

STOREFRONT ACCOUNTS: If you own a brick & mortar storefront location, or rent space in a gift boutique or mall, there is a limit to two sellers per town / zip code.

NON STOREFRONT ACCOUNTS: One-of-a-kind show, Consumer Show, or similar venue. We have no way to control or keep track of who is selling at traveling shows, so please understand that you may see other sellers carrying some of  our products at certain shows. PS. Please be nice to each other. 

GIFT GIVING ACCOUNTS: No one will have any exclusive right for gifting Larry Roberti© product items away as a gift for their Appreciation/Thank You to their customers.

The only warning we have is NO SELLING of Larry Roberti© products on Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay.

* Inactive accounts for a period of 3 months may lose their exclusivity rights.

(Some exceptions may be made for sellers who are carrying our full product line)

Wholesale merchandise may not be returned or exchanged. We only accept returns in the case of defective or incorrect merchandise.

*Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival and if you notice that the outside of your parcel(s) are damage you must let the shipper driver know, so it will be noted with the tracking number.

Some of you may also be on my VIP Club email list. Please understand the coupons and specials shared with the VIP Club are for RETAIL ORDERS ONLY. I don’t offer coupons to wholesale accounts since you’re getting such an amazing price already.

If you ever want to place a less-than-minimum retail order and want to use a coupon, let me know and I can switch your account to “Retail” temporarily.

We do occasionally offer specials to wholesale accounts, such as freebies with minimum purchases, etc. Make sure you watch for Larry Roberti Wholesale emails so you don’t miss any specials, freebies, or new product announcements! 

Any cancellation requests must be emailed to wholesale@larryroberti.com within 24 hours from the purchase time of the order in question.

We can’t make any changes or cancel your order if it’s already in transit with the shipping company.

Please ask permission first, if you want to use any of our product images on our website for marketing material.

All shipping costs will be shown in your shopping cart/checkout. *Calculated shipping prices subject to change, due to negotiation rates from the curriers. Tracking information will be emailed when item(s) are shipped.

Domestic orders: via UPS (United Parcel Service of America)

International orders: via UPS (United Parcel Service of America)

*Free shipping on orders over $800.00 Domestic, and $1600.00 International.

There is a “LEFT TO FREE SHIPPING” indicator located on product pages. This is for RETAIL customers only, however, we have no way of hiding this for WHOLESALE customers.

Selling on independent websites, or your business Facebook page is fine (NO Buy-In groups), just let us know your site URL when you register so we don’t mistake you for someone else  

The only warning we have is NO SELLING of Larry Roberti© products on Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay.

Still have a question or need some help?