• pastry-rolling-pin-medium-size-three-different-styles-of-decerative-style-fixed-handles-and-wood-types
  • medium-size-pastry-rolling-pin-in-three-style-and-wood-types-with-two-decerative-fixed-handles-group-set
  • maple-tiger-pastry-rolling-pin-three-style-types
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  • roasted-tiger-maple-pastry-rolling-pin-three-style-types
  • pastry-rolling-pin-tiger-maple-with-two-beehive-design-handles-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter
  • roasted-tiger-maple-pastry-rolling-pin-with-two-beehive-design-handles-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter
  • two-beehive-design-handles-in-walnut-pastry-rolling-pin-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter
  • wooden-tiger-maple-pastry-rolling-pin-with-two-Eggpoint-design-handle-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter
  • wooden-roasted-tiger-maple-pastry-rolling-pin-with-two-Eggpoint-design-handles-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter
  • wooden-walnut-pastry-rolling-pin-with-two-Eggpoint-design-handles-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter
  • wooden-tiger-maple-pastry-rolling-pin-with-two-thistle-design-handles-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter
  • wooden-roasted-tiger-maple-pastry-rolling-pin-with-two-thistle-design-handles-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter
  • wooden-walnut-pastry-rolling-pin-with-two-thistle-design-handles-twenty-one-inches-long-and-two-inches-in-diameter

Pastry Rolling Pin


Fancy Rolling Pin is available in several premium lumber selections. Handcrafted to last a lifetime as equal parts decorative masterpiece and functional kitchen tool.

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Pastry Rolling Pin

Fancy rolling pin crafted from hand-picked lumber and carefully designed for long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Our pastry rolling pin with handles carved beautifully into the ends is an instant favorite gift for newlyweds (often called the wedding rolling pin), those in love with stylish rolling pin décor, and even experienced pastry chefs for its perfect size and heft. Rolling out the perfect pie crust, cookie dough, or pastry shells has never been easier with our meticulously crafted fancy rolling pin.

This gorgeous pin is the crown jewel of our rolling pin collection for its style and elaborate carvings on the handles. It makes a truly breathtaking centerpiece in any kitchen. Its timeless design and beauty add a classy touch to the collector’s kitchen tool assortment.

Our pastry pin is perfect for:

  • Pastry dough
  • Fondant
  • Pie Crusts
  • Cookie dough
  • Tarts

This rolling pin is a classic gift item thanks to its beauty and functionality. It makes a great wedding or housewarming gift that will be proudly displayed for years to come.

Our hand-turned rolling pins are made from a premium selection of beautiful lumber and sanded with 280 grit for a sleek finish. The smooth finish allows for a nonstick rolling experience that is easy to clean and maintain.

Our pastry rolling pins are available in one size:

21” L x 2” diameter 4” W x 4” H x 24” L – gift box size

These pins are currently available in Tiger Maple, Tiger Maple (dark roast), and Walnut.

Each pin is packaged in a beautiful gift box, protected with mineral oil and board butter, and ready to delight its new owner for years to come. We send each Pastry Rolling Pin with a limited lifetime warranty on quality craftsmanship through LarryRoberti.com.

If you are interested in purchasing our wooden Pastry Rolling Pin as a wholesale order, please click here.

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Beehive Handle, Egg Point Handle, Thistle Handle


Tiger Maple, Tiger Maple Dark Roasted, Black Walnut


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