• milano-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-fire-chared-white-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-set
  • milano-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-fire-chared-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-set
  • spice-mill-gift-box-opened
  • spice-mill-gift-box-set
  • milano-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-fire-chared-white-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-ten-inches-in-height
  • milano-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-fire-chared-white-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-twelve-inches-in-height
  • milano-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-fire-chared-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-ten-inches-in-height
  • milano-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-fire-chared-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-twelve-inches-in-height

Hand Spice Grinder, Milano Exotic Charred


This elegantly crafted spice grinder is made from the finest materials. A valuable addition to help you prepare your foods with ease. 

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Hand Spice Grinder, Milano Exotic Charred

The Milano Spice Grinder, a Charred design can help you store and keep your spices in an orderly but elegant way.

Is your kitchen in chaos? Are you always rummaging through spices, condiments, and other ingredients when you cook? Stressful, I know. Then let us do something to organize your kitchen.

This refillable hand spice grinder is not only for storage but can also be decorative and can perk up your kitchen in a simple but stylish way.

With the colors black and white to choose from, you’ll have options. This herb and spice grinder comes with a length of 10 inches and 12 inches long. This elegantly crafted pepper mill grinder is packed in a decorative gift box that allows you to give it as a present, too.

The product is from hand-selected premium kiln-dried lumber and sanded with 320 grit for a very smooth Ash charred wood finish. Naturally stained and finished, this salt and pepper grinder set is food-safe. Thus, making it great to store and keep your spices.

If you are interested in purchasing our Milano Exotic Charred Grinder as a wholesale order, please click here.

In addition, we make these unique pepper mills with a metal ring for a distinctive design style. It comes with a CrushGrind ® mechanism with 25 years warranty. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on craftsmanship through LarryRoberti.com. Also, the product’s exterior base finish is made of natural plant oils and waxes for an Environmentally Friendly Finish. This feature makes it resistant to any liquid.

With the season for gift-giving just around the corner, this product is a great option to give away as a present. You can give this to people who deserve it — those who love their kitchens and cook with love.

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10 inches long, 12 inches long


Black, White


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