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Cora Spice Mill, Walnut


Elegant handmade Cora spice mill grinder with the perfect minimalist style that you will be proud to display for years to come.

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Cora Walnut Pepper Mill

This Cora Spice Mill design is a work of art in its own simple way, not only good for storage but for organizing your kitchen, as well.

Made from premium high-grade black walnut, the walnut pepper mill is an elegant addition to your kitchen. 

This herb and spice mill is in natural black walnut color and made of hand-selected premium kiln-dried lumber. The very smooth wood finish of this product is the result of 320 grit sanding. Its hardware includes an aluminum ring and CrushGrind ® mechanism with 25 years warranty. The natural finish is food-safe. With natural plant oils and waxes as the exterior base. This mini spice grinder is resistant to any form of liquid. Water, fruit juices, beer, tea, wine, fuzzy, coffee, and other drinks can never penetrate the product.

If you are interested in purchasing our Walnut Pepper Grinder as a wholesale order, please click here.

It has two choices for its length, from 8 inches long and 10 inches long. Also, this Italian pepper mill is packed in a decorative gift box, making it great to give off as a present for a wedding, birthday or special someone in your life.

In addition, this elegant and stylish top-rated pepper mill comes with a limited lifetime warranty on craftsmanship through LarryRoberti.com.

Organizing your home, especially your kitchen, does not have to be expensive and lavish. Enjoy a convenient cooking experience by adding this product to your countertop.

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8 inches long, 10 inches long


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