• cora-spice-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-set
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-set
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-white-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-set
  • spice-mill-gift-box-opened
  • spice-mill-gift-box-set
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-eight-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-ten-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-white-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-eight-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-white-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-ten-inches-in-height
  • cora-pepper-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-eight-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-soft-maple-wood-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-ten-inches-in-height

Cora Kitchen Grinder, Maple


Elegantly designed, this handmade spice grinder is the perfect addition to display to your kitchen. Replace your dull spice dispenser with this minimalist yet beautifully crafted piece.

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Cora Kitchen Grinder, Maple

Make this awesome pepper grinder an elegant addition to your well-organized kitchen.

Having a clean and neat kitchen is divine. A well-organized cooking area can make preparing heavenly meals. There is no need for you to dig into a cabinet for condiments and other stuff. 

This kitchen grinder comes from hand-selected, premium kiln-dried maple. It comes in three colors:

  • Natural Maple
  • Maple White
  • Maple Black

This personal pepper grinder is available in two lengths, 8 inches long and 10 inches long. Packed in dainty gift boxes, the product is great as a gift for weddings, birthdays, special someone too. With hardware comprising an aluminum ring and CrushGrind ® salt grinder mechanism with 25 years warranty, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty of craftsmanship through LarryRoberti.com.

If you are interested in purchasing our Cora Kitchen Grinder as a wholesale order, please click here.

Sanded with 320 grit for a very smooth wood finish, it is stained in a natural, food-safe finish, making it ideal for storing spices. Made with a base from natural plant oils and waxes, this manual spice grinder is water-resistant. Not only that, but it is also resistant to any kind of liquid like tea, fruit juices, coffee, soda, beer, wine, and a lot more. 

Simply but elegantly designed, the Cora Spice Mill can be a stylish addition to your kitchen. Replace your dull, common spice dispensers with this spice grinder and see what wonders it can do to your kitchen. Grab one now and experience magic in your kitchen.

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8 inches long, 10 inches long


Soft Maple, Soft Maple Black, Soft Maple White


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