• cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-white-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-set
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-set
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-set
  • spice-mill-gift-box-opened
  • spice-mill-gift-box-set
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-eight-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-ten-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-white-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-eight-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-ten-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-eight-inches-in-height
  • cora-spice-grinder-in-ash-wood-black-stained-with-aluminum-ring-and-crushgrind-ceramic-mechanism-ten-inches-in-height

Cora Ceramic Spice Grinder, Ash


A beautiful and one-of-a-kind grinder to add to your culinary collection.

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Cora Ceramic Spice Grinder, Ash

Simple but classy. These words best describe our Cora Spice Grinder in Ash.

Made from hand-picked, premium-grade kiln-dried lumber, this grinder machine for kitchen will be a classic addition to your kitchen. With its simple design, it adds a touch of class and elegance to every kitchen décor. 

This manual pepper grinder is available in the following colors: 

  • Natural Ash 
  • Ash White 
  • Ash Black 
  • Ash Grey 
  • Ash Grey White 

Sanded with 320 grit, each refillable pepper grinder achieves a very smooth wood finish and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on craftsmanship through LarryRoberti.com.

In addition, this classic proof of superb craftsmanship has 14-course adjustments (coarse to fine) and is protected with a natural food-safe finish and stain and a base of natural plant oils and waxes.

Resistant to liquid of any type, this product is durable and can last for a long time. It includes a decorative aluminum ring style design and a 25-year warranty on the CrushGrind® ceramic mechanism.

Every ceramic spice grinder is packaged in beautiful gift boxes and is available in two sizes: 

  • 8” L x 2 ¼” diameter → 4” W x 4” H x 10” L – gift box size 
  • 10” L x 2 ½” diameter → 4” W x 4” H x 12” L – gift box size 

Ideal as a housewarming present or for any special occasion, the Cora Spice Grinder in Ash will definitely be a long-lasting proof of fine craftsmanship, durability, and style!

If you want to buy our Ceramic Spice Grinder as a wholesale order, please click here.

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8 inches long, 10 inches long


Ash, Ash Black, Ash White, Ash Grey, Ash Grey White


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